Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microblading?

Microblading/Microstroking or eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows to dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrow. First introduced in Asia, Microblading is performed by manual deposit of pigment under top layer of the skin by a special pen with a very fine blade. The technique involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that provide the most natural looking.

What is semi-permanent makeup?

It is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos as the means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyelining and other permanent enhancing colours to the skin of the face, lips, eyelids, hair and areola. It is also used to produce artificial eyebrows, particularly in people who lost them as a consequence of old age, disease, such as alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, or a genetic disturbance, and to disguise scars and white spots in the skin such as in vitiligo. It is also used to restore or enhance the breast's areola, such as after breast surgery.

Why permanent cosmetic makeup?

Permanent cosmetic makeup is cosmetic tattooing, also called micropigmentation, or dermagraphics. The specialised cosmetic implantation technique deposits permanent colour pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis. This colour is generally deposited in the brow, eye, cheek, or lip areas. Permanent cosmetic makeup is ideal for those with poor eyesight or unsteady hands, sensitivities to traditional cosmetics, whose work prohibits the wearing of makeup, who want to look their best for sport activities, those who don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics.

How long will the microblading or semi-permanent makeup last?

Colour retention is affected by different factors and life styles including the shade of the original colour, the person’s age and metabolism, skin type and condition, exposure to UV radiation (sun, tanning booths), smoking, certain drugs and medications, and skin peeling treatments such as Retin-A or microdermabrasion. In general, the colour could last from eight months upto three years and can be enhanced and refreshed by a maintenance visit when needed. We highly recommend a yearly colour reboost.

What do I need to know before I come?

Anyone in normal good health and over 18 years old can have the procedure done. However, if you have any diseases which affect your healing such as diabetes, you may not retain colour well and should check with your doctor whether he/she will allow you to have the work done, depending on how advanced your conditions. Avoid ingesting things which make you bleed and bruise such as ibuprofen, alcohol, vitamin E supplements and caffeine -- which can also make some people more sensitive. Aspirin should be avoided, if possible, 72 hours before hand. No medication should ever be discontinued without first consulting your doctor. Flu or Cold: Please stay home, reschedule your appointment if you have cold or flu or sinus/respiratory infection. Do not skip the meal prior to attending your appointment. Provide your body with plenty of sustenance and fuel to last a good few hours of the procedure. Drink a lot of healthy fluids such as water, soups, juices, herbal teas to maintain your fluid levels while being tattooed as dehydration will intensify the discomfort of a tattoo, giving your a headache and feeling ill.

For Eyebrows
  • Any tweezing or waxing should be done at least 72 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Electrolysis no less than 5 days before.
  • Do not resume any method of hair removal for at least two weeks.
  • Wash your hair before coming if possible as you have to keep the brows dry after the procedure and during healing process unless get help from salons.
For Eyeliners
  • Do not wear contact lenses during or immediately following the eyeliner procedure. You may resume wearing your contact lenses as soon as your eyes return to their pre-tattooed condition. Bring your glasses and sunglasses to wear home. Eyes may be light sensitive.
  • Do not dye or perm lashes for 2 days prior.
  • Do not use eyelash curler the day of the procedure.
  • Eyelift or blepharoplasty: Wait about 3 months.
  • Eyelash extensions: AFTER permanent makeup, not before. Or remove them before your procedure.
  • Pinkeye: As soon as their infection has cleared, medication completed.
  • If you have had any type of eye surgery, consult with the doctor about how long you should wait before having a permanent eyeliner procedure.

For Lips

  • If you are going to do Lip injection, do lip permanent makeup prior, let the lips healed first, then the lip filler injection later.
  • If you have had any type of lip surgery, consult with the doctor about how long you should wait before having a permanent makeup procedure on the lips. Lips that have been injected with fillers may not hold colour well and cause colour migration.
  • If you have any history of cold sores/fever blisters/herpes simplex, you need to obtain a prescription for antiviral medications (Zovirax, Acyclovir, etc) and take them as directed 48-72 hours before AND after the procedure you will be required to contact your doctor to obtain the proper prescription to prevent such outbreaks, which otherwise would be severe.
For more information please read in our Terms & Conditions page.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

At your first visit, you'll fill out the disclosure form and we will go through all details. You can wear your own makeup to show us what you think you'd like (but please, avoid waterproof mascara and staining lip colours). Then, we'll use cosmetics to adjust what you've done as necessary, and simulate the result we intend to achieve. Only when we've agreed about shape, colour and placement, and we both understand what that means, do we apply permanent colour. After we remove your makeup, we apply topical anesthetic to the area we will tattoo. It will take 15-30 minutes for the surface of the skin to numb up. You'll still have a little sensation as we work, but mostly a scratching or tickling that isn't bad at all. Also, we will reinforce the anesthetic as we work to keep you comfortable. After removing the initial anesthetic, we may redraw the colour topically with tattoo pigment, if there's any question about shape and placement, and work through that design to be sure we're doing what you want. Allow 2-3 hours for each procedure initially. When we're done, you'll be given aftercare instructions, ointment and sent home to heal.

Is there pain or swelling/Bruising?

Topical anesthetics will be applied prior to the practice. The feeling of pain is varied between clients. Some clients may experience some swelling, redness and bruising depending on their skin’s sensitivity, age, skin type and circulation. These are normal side effects to the eyebrow tattoo procedure but they shouldn’t last longer than a day or two. On average, cosmetic tattoo eyebrows are least affected by swelling or bruising (compared to eyeliner, and lips) and should have very minimal issue if at all. If swelling or bruising persists for more than a few days, it may be a sign of infection, so be sure to contact your doctor right away.

Does it hurt?

The degree of discomfort depends on clients’ pain threshold. There's nothing to worry about. The use of state of the art equipment, together with sophisticated soothing creams ensures that, for most, the experience is surprisingly comfortable and relaxing.

how long do the procedures take to carry out?

Eyebrow procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete for the first session and 1- 1.5 hours for the second session (touch up). Eyeliner procedure takes approximately 1 hour to complete for both the first and the second session.

What is the healing period like?

Some people experience a little swelling or redness straight after their treatment. It soon disappears. After the treatment the brows, eyes or lips will appear darker and slightly start to scab, leaving the area itchy and tight. There may also be slight bruising with lip procedures. This will last between 3-7 days. It is very important to follow our Aftercare instruction. You will be given healing ointment to help with irritation and infection. After the scabs fall off, the pigment will continue lighten, don't panic and calm down. This is absolutely normal. This is why it's important to do a 4-6 weeks touch-up to achieve the richness of colour and ensure they are finished completely.

What should I do for aftercare?

For 3-7 days, while the surface skin is healing, follow our Aftercare instruction, avoid any rubbing, scrubbing, tanning, chemical irritation or exfoliation of your skin. Wash in and around the area and keep soaps off it. Use only a pH neutral cleanser, for Sensitive Skin or distilled water. No swimming during that time. Avoid dirty work environments. Don't work out for a day or two. Stay out of tanning beds and don't get sunburned. If you work outside, golf, or go to beaches, wear a hat and glasses. Don't pick at exfoliating skin towards the last day, because you'll pull up the important colour attached to it which otherwise would heal into the skin. Once the skin is healed in a week, daily sunblock (SPF 30 or above, PABA free) is recommended to slow the normal fading of colour due to UV exposure. Otherwise, no special care is needed at that time, except that you should avoid chemical peels of the tattooed area as well. AHA’s (lactic, glycolic, citric, retinoic and tartaric acids) or any OTC creams and lotions for tone correcting, anti-aging, exfoliating, fading can discolour your permanent makeup. You will be given an aftercare ointment and instructions after the procedure . This will help prevent infection and keep the brows from drying out. Apply it thinly at night when you go to bed while your tattoo is healing and again in morning time. It is not recommended that you use it during the day, because your face will appear greasy which could draw unwanted attention to your new cosmetic procedure. If you are planning an MRI scan, Laser hair removal, chemical peel or any other similar procedures can fade and change the shade of your lips or brow procedures. Always advise your laser technician you are wearing permanent cosmetics and they can act accordingly. If you are planning injections such as Botox and Collagen, remember it can alter the shape of your lips and eyebrows.

Touch-Up Procedure

After approximately 4-6 weeks, your eyebrows will have mostly healed during the “shedding” or “scabbing” process. As a result, the initial intensity and thickness will fade, and the desired colour shade will start appearing. You should schedule a touch-up session. Any areas needing correction or modification will be filled in. The procedure aims to encourages the pigment to embed more permanently into the skin. Some people at times have a resistant skin type where the pigment doesn’t like to take. You may need more than one touch up with additional cost if you are one of the few that fall into this category. It is very important that you come back within 4-6 weeks for your touch-up, if you leave it over the time frame the colour in the skin will fade, and we will need to start all over again. If that happened, then there is an additional charge. A yearly touch-up is recommended after this procedure.

Test Patch for semi-permanent procedure

Test Patch is available upon request with an additional charge. On the procedure day, we will conduct a patch/scratch test behind the ear with the anesthetics and colour pigment you are going to use, this way, it will ensure that if you are going to react, you will react straight away or later 48 hours as we have scratched the skin. We will allow you to make your own determination of the results and consent form will be filled.

What if I have my eyebrow tattooed from another clinic?

1. If you have had your eyebrows previously tattooed and are interested in a cover-up/re-work, you MUST email us a clear photo prior to booking your appointment. Our practitioner will look at the pictures to determine whether we can work with you. Take 3 photos: one straight shot, and one from each side of your brows, so we can see each tail clearly. Ensure the pictures are makeup and filter free with natural lighting (daylight preferred). 2. The shading or combination technique will be used to cover up the existing eyebrow tattoo. Microblading technique will be performed only when the existing tattoo is very and/or faded. Our practitioner will discuss and make a recommendation for what is best with your situation. 3. As described above, additional cover up/correction/reconstruction works must be applied on top of the existing work, you will be charged an additional of $100 on top of our listed prices. For more detail about our pricing, please visit our Price page.

What are eyelash perm and lift?

Lash perm and lift are very trendy, a semi-permanent beauty treatment to create a long lasting curl to naturally lashes, lasts up to 6-8 weeks (the life of a natural lash). An eyelash perm eliminates the need for eyelash curler, gives lashes instant length and create the illusion of bigger, brighter, perfect feminine eyes. While an eyelash lift is an instant "root lift" for natural longer lashes. Both techniques use silicone mould to lengthen and curl lashes to perfection. These services are a great alternative to eyelash extensions, or for those clients with sensitivities. To achieve a perfect look of your beautiful eyes It's recommended having lash perming/lifting prior tinting and lash extension. Having the treatment administered regularly can maintain perfectly formed lashes all year round. How often you have your treatment is entirely up to you.

What to expect in your eyelash perm/lift appointment?

  • We do recommend patch testing at least 24 hours prior the appointment with additional cost.
  • We will dab a little perming lotion on a small section of your skin to test your reaction. On the procedure day we will design the types of your eyelash curl.
  • The type of curl/lift achieved with an eyelash perm will depend on the length of your eyelashes and on the size of the silicon rod/pad to use.
There are three different sizes of rod/pad:
  • 'S' - this is the smallest sized rod and is mostly used on people with shorter lashes for a tighter curl.
  • 'M' - this is the medium sized roller used for slightly longer lashes.
  • 'L' - this rod provides the loosest curl and is most effective on long eyelashes.
We'll then apply the perming solutions and the whole process takes 1 hour to finish.

What are Before and After care instructions for Lash perm/Lift?

Before care instructions:

  • Do not wear contact lenses on the procedure day
  • Do not wear eye makeup and mascara
  • Do plan to not get the lashes wet for 24 hours
After care instructions:
  • An eyelash perm/lift could last up to 6-8 weeks if you care for your lashes properly.
  • Refrain from getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid rubbing or touching the eye area as you could irritate the eyes.
  • Don't spend too long in direct sunlight straight after your treatment, as this could weaken the perm lotion.

Microblading, Microshading or Combination technique? Which technique would suit me best? How are they different?

There’s no one technique which is superior to another- different techniques of application achieve different looks, and are suitable for different faces.

Visit our Treatment page for more information which might help you to decide your preferred method.

However, all of these will be discussed during the first session prior to the treatment with our practitioner. Together, we will find the best solution for you.